C. Flynt is the writing team of Clif and Carol Flynt.

We write the kind of stories we like to read. Upbeat stories where the protagonist gets handed the sticky end of things but with cleverness and persistence manages to beat someone over the head with it. With luck, he or she grows a bit and maybe finds romance and happiness.

At least, until the next story. Life is boring (for a protagonist) when there are no problems.

We enjoy writing these, and hope you'll enjoy reading them.

Jul, 08, 2015 - News
MisRouted struck out with Baen (hmph) and has been submitted to Prospective Press, a startup publisher an author friend recommended.

Jan, 30, 2015 - News
Promised Rewards has snuck in the back door at Baen Books.

It's not SF or Fantasy, but it's a Baen-ish light adventure and has a fantasy feel, so Maybe...

Sep, 15, 2014 - News
Misrouted has been submitted to Baen. We'll see what happens.

We're starting work on the sequel, and finishing up edits on our science fiction murder mystery MechVille.

First chapters of Misrouted and Promised Rewards are available under Novels.

Carol pitched Misrouted to Tony Daniel of Baen books during Detcon1. He wasn't wildly enthusiastic, but asked her to send it by name to the head slush-pile reader and reminded her the Lois Bujold came out of the slush pile.

Clif pitched Promised Rewards to Sam Morgan of Jabberwocky, ...

Jul, 27, 2014 - News
First pass on the website is up and running. Bug reports or comments can be sent to